Supra Tariff calculator - in contrast to other similar solutions - enables nearly complete listing of all the characteristics of individual tariffs, tariff options and packages from even most innovative provider’s price list. This means that operators can enter all but the most complex tariff value - and all these will be taken into the calculation when calculating the estimated monthly consumption.find out more


Although the highlight of SMS technology, due to the domination of "smart phones " and Internet communication passed, SMS should not be dismissed. It seems - there is still plenty of room for software solutions that enable business development based on the distribution of short messages.
This is the fourth generation of SMS gateway system in whose development we participate - but, this time, in our system design we planned unlimited scalability in the core of the system. In addition, we support the ability of "Intelligent linking” between telecom operators - to use the "interconnection" surpluses - so telecom operators can offer their free resources and create added value - practically without any investment.find out more


During the first quarter of this year, the Croatian Telekom dd Mostar, implemented an Actor platform - software solution designed for connecting telecoms and other major service providers in order to centrally prepare invoices and payment orders and to improve efficiency ot their delivery to the end users in order to assess the cost incurred and electronic payments.find out more


The full functional version of the MOBILLION system is in production. Mobillion significantly accelerates the implementation of mobile applications which enables efficient coordination within the business organization by receiving and exchanging key information between the company’s information system and the Mobillion mobile client installed on the personal mobile devices of employees in charge.find out more