JP Croatian Telekom dd Mostar - began implementing MAPTRACE platform for developing converged telecommunications solutions based on sigrtan/ss7 integration and MAP protocol.

MAPTRACE platform used for the rapid creation of new services. It is possible to easily monitor the traffic on telecommunications links - and build solutions that use the online status of users - such as the geographic location of the current position (based on Cellid data), the recognition of a new terminal device when switching to the network or its type (IMSI / IMEI / TAC).

components of the MAPTRACE platform

Platform consists of hardware and software components and is designed for high reliability in 24 x 7 mode. In addition to hardware redundancy, provided the replication database as well as high reliability (HA / LB) software system.

The platform will be used to support the technical service to ensure high-quality telecommunications networks, for marketing purposes, to monitor the activities of users and the number and types of mobile devices involved, as well as for security purposes - for locating mobile devices in relation to the nearest base station.

In order to monitor the daily migration of end-users - the system contains a statistical module for the design of location "heat map" in sections of time - in order to monitor differences in the density of certain groups of users (tariffs, types of mobile devices, age group, gender), depending on the time of day .