Distributed, Scalable, Mission-Critical.

We design and develop scalable, mission-critical business software solutions based on Java / Spring / Kafka technologies. The unique strength of our team is in Apache Kafka deploying and performance tuning for robust data interchange between applications and processing large amounts of data in streaming mode.

Inovativni trendovi becomes part of @Neos.

"This acquisition is a natural sequence of consolidation started with corporate association with @SV Group. By joining of the Inovativni trendovi’s Java/Kafka experts we are strengthening our Software Engineering department and ensuring close cooperation on upcoming projects.", said Davorin Capan, CEO of Neos.

"We are pleased to become a part of an IT group that continuously affirms its position as a regional leader in the IT sector, both through its cooperation with prominent clients and partners and working on excellent projects," said @Ivan Turčinović, CEO of Inovativni Trendovi. 

Technology expertise

What we do best


Development of best-in-class software solutions based on Java Programming Language and Spring Development Framework with rich development practice in technically demanding and business-critical software solutions.

Apache Kafka

Great experiences in the application of Kafka technology, completed education with international certificate and official partnership with Confluent, guarantee the highest quality of use and maintenance.


We provide reliable and high-performance end-to-end solutions with implementation in cluster configuration on various hardware platforms and offering expertise in configuring and applying software solutions in AWS environment.

Our latest blog posts....

The tools make the IT (wo)man: Overview of programming tools
Having in mind the importance of using different programming tools, I have created a video lecture to present the tools that I find most useful. You’re most probably already using some of them, but learning some advanced features will make you like them even more. Others will, hopefully, find a place in your toolbox.

Web messaging application with Apache Kafka and Elasticsearch.
If you are interested in learning how to use distributed big-data technologies in a setup that is a little bit different than usual, this is the blog post for you!
In this showcase project, you are going to learn how to use Apache Kafka as an ingestion pipeline and Elasticsearch for efficient storage and querying data to client.

Handling external resource failures in Akka Streams.
In this post, I’ll focus on solving a problem we’ve encountered a couple of times — handling Akka Streams failures because of temporary external resource unavailability. Since we are communicating with multiple external systems in Akka Streams (Kafka, Cassandra, Elasticsearch) such errors are expected and can be for example network glitches or temporary outages of some of those systems.

We are present in the telecom, banking, and government sector - and we participate in the development of complex, business-critical information systems. In the analysis, development, and maintenance, we perform independently or as a part of international teams.


Recent telecom project is based on the development of the message gateway system for mobile message reception, management, billing and distribution, with 99,999 reliability, and breakneck speeds reaching 10.000 transactions per second.


We are currently applying Kafka technology in the application for managing banking transactions in fixed and mobile Internet infrastructure, as well as using Elasticsearch for statistics consolidation of the data and user-friendly visualization.


Large state institutions, such as the Federal Employment Service in Bosnia and Herzegovina, use our advanced web-based system for informing users and distributing financial support to employment.

Meet the team of Java / Kafka professionals - our mission is to simplify business IT infrastructure for our clients in the banking, government, and telecom industries. Contact us if you need custom software solutions for your business.

Our Projects and Solutions

In the last year, we have been working on projects with several significant impacts on customers from the banking, telecom, and government sector.

Our Partners

Although we often operate on the market independently, most of our projects are realized in multidisciplinary cooperation with international principals and partners.

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Building real-time Kafka pipelines and Kafka security – meet up held in Zagreb on 13.2.2019., performed by Stephane Maarek

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